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Making sure your practice is compliant requires special epertise. Complex Federal law, State law, contractual agreements, and agency regulations control how you do business. Do you know how your practice would fare under an audit by any of the following?

  • Office of Civil Rights (HIPAA enforcement)
  • Office of Inspector General (Coding & Billing Compliance)
  • OSHA (workplace safety)
  • EEOC / FL Department of Labor (Employment law)
  • CMS (Meaningful Use/Security Risk Assessment, Coding & Billing)

Risk Management

Managing risk is everyone’s job, but does your organization have a comprehensive risk management plan that includes the following? If not, you are at risk.

  • Security Risk Assessment & Plan
  • Quality Assurance & Performance Improvement program (QAPI)
  • Disaster Planning
  • Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan
  • Active Shooter Plan
  • Employee Handbook, Policies & Procedures
  • Incident & variance reporting policies & procedures
  • Wet/Dry Assessments (ASC only)
  • Life Safety Plan (ASC only)
  • OSHA policies and procedures

Human Resource Management

Your practice’s most valuable asset is your human capital. It is also your largest expense. Although hiring and retaining talent can be a challenge, the Predictive Index™ consultants will help you hire well, improve communications, increase employee engagement, and form a foundation for a healthy organizational culture.

Ambulatory Surgery Center Management

Starting an ASC is one of the most challenging endeavors you will probably ever undertake. Maintaining profitability can be equally as difficult. Ensuring accreditation compliance, reducing risk, eliminating operational inefficiencies, and controlling inventory can be very costly. Success in these areas will improve profit margins, sometimes as high as 30%.

Patient Centered Medical Care - Achieving Recognition

The National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) offers the most sought after and widely accepted PCMH program in the nation. Becoming NCQA-Recognized requires deliberate strategies and efforts in transforming a practice into a “medical home” (for primary care) or a Patient Centered Practice (for specialists).

The path to recognition is complicated and time confusing but we have NCQA Certified Content Experts to help.

Pay-for-Performance Reimbursement

After years of PQRS, Meaningful Use, and Value-Based Modifier payment adjustments, physicians are now facing the Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) and alternative payment models (APMs).

MIPS, which will affect most physician practices, consolidates the three previous P4P programs, and will reward high performing practices with payment increases. Poorly performing practices will suffer payment reduction (a budget-neutral approach used to subsidize the high performers). Will your practice be a high performer?

Revenue Cycle Management

Whether your billing is in-house or outsourced, you must continually monitor and manage your revenue cycle. RCM begins at the time the patient makes an appointment (patient registration) and ends when the bill is paid in full. If poorly managed, the risk is high for reduced reimbursements, claims delays and denials, lost revenue, billing audits, contract terminations, and money recoupment. When is the last time you assessed the state of your revenue cycle?


Regardless of specialty, all medical practices need to be promoted. Our marketing experts can assess your specific needs and practice goals and design a strategic marketing plan for you.

If you already have a plan but need help with website design, hosting, social media, digital marketing, or event planning, our team can help.

Strategic Business Planning

Being a physician is no longer just about seeing patients. To be successful today, you must be strategic about business planning and business management. It is essential that your practice has a short term and long term strategic plan as well as a capital budget, expense budget and revenue budget. Other important tools are:

  • Key performance indicators
  • Benchmarks
  • Contract management
  • Alternative revenue generation
  • Banking relationship development
  • Internal controls